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How to Choose the Best Paint for Rental Properties

How to Choose the Best Paint for Rental Properties


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a tired or dated interior. When it comes to rental properties, higher wear and tear takes its toll on walls and finishes. So, we explore the best paint for rental properties and how to choose a durable finish to get the most for your investment. Read on to learn more.

Top Paint Color Trends in 2020

When choosing colors for a rental property, keep in mind these are different then what you may choose for your own home. Color has a dramatic impact on emotion, and renters are not looking for a home with every room in a bright color. On the flip side, hospital white is too harsh and generally unappealing to renters. White also shows age, dirt, and wear far faster than a colored wall. So, to maximize appeal, stick to tried, and true basics, everyone will love. Provide tenants a stylish blank slate by using these colors below:

Best Wall Colors for Rentals

Most landlords and designers agree that neutrals have the broadest appeal. However, the term “neutral” still applies to a full range of hues. Overall, sticking to light and bright colors for the majority of the space is best. To help choose the right tone for your interiors, follow these tips below.

  1. Gray: Gray is ultra-trendy at the moment with no signs of slowing down. However, be careful about what greys you choose. After all, it can sometimes feel cold and drab, so stick to a warmer light grey to add cozy appeal to your rental.
  2. Tan: Tan is a trusted standby you can count on. Warmer than white without being trendy, tan is a cost-effective and easy choice for rentals.
  3. Cream: Stark white provides no appeal or contrast. It is also quick to show dirt and wear and tear.
  4. Deep Neutrals: Slightly richer contrast tones are great for separating spaces. Stick to the same color family to accent dining areas or add some contrast to a bathroom. Don’t go too dark, though!

Colors to Avoid in Rental Properties

In the rental industry, time is money. Therefore, you cannot afford to drive away potential renters with unappealing interiors. While there is nothing wrong with bold choices, keep in mind they do not appeal to everyone. Bold colors can stir up the wrong emotions and turn off many prospective renters. Steer clear of these choices below:

  • Red
  • Browns
  • Bright Blue
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Teal

How to Choose the Best Paint for Rental Properties

Painting is an expensive endeavor, so it’s crucial to get the most for your investment. In rental properties, durability is essential. Below we help you discover a few criteria to find the perfect finish for your property.

  1. High-Quality Paint is Worth the Investment: The adage “you good what you pay for” is definitely true when it comes to painting. The ideal paint should be full coverage, durable, and long-lasting. Sometimes that does come with a slightly higher price tag, but the quality is well worth the investment. Using better paint will decrease maintenance costs, the number of coats needed, and clean up better than cheaper options.
  2. The Right Finish Matters: Durability also is affected by the paint finish you choose. Ideally, you want a paint that will hide wear and dirt. The best idea is to use a medium gloss paint that can easily be wiped down. Being able to wash off dirt and grime can extend the life of your walls and save on repainting costs.


Paint matters when trying to put your best foot forward in marketing your rental. Deciding on the best paint for rental properties and a durable finish will help you get the most for your investment. Are you searching for investment property advice? Considering rental property management? Reach out to Bay Property Management Group for an experienced full-service property management services.