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Average Apartment Size by City: What Can Tenants Expect Across the US

Finding an apartment large enough for you and your belongings can be tough in today’s market. Apartment sizes are shrinking, prices are rising, and the demand for rentals is high. So, how can you find the perfect apartment space for you? Read along as we go over the average apartment size by city and where you can find the best rental rates per square footage in the US. 


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How Has Apartment Size Changed Over the Years?

Over the years, apartment sizes have gotten smaller and smaller. Studies show that apartments today are around 100 square feet smaller than those built in the 2000s. For example, from 2000 to 2009, the average square footage for an apartment was about 1,031. However, for apartments built from 2015 to 2019, the average square footage was around 931. 

As you can imagine, this trend keeps moving forward, making apartments smaller and smaller as the years pass. That said, the decrease in apartment size is a national trend, and it’s not more pronounced in specific areas, markets, or apartment types. 

Cost and building trends play a significant factor in apartment sizes. For higher-cost markets, specific building trends have driven the decrease in average apartment size more than housing affordability. On the other hand, in moderately priced markets, smaller apartment sizes can result from residents downsizing from larger homes. 

Furthermore, smaller apartments may result from changing floorplans and different types of units. For instance, more people are looking for studio apartments or one-bedroom units instead of two-bedroom rentals. Thus, explaining the smaller average unit size.


Will Apartment Size Trends Change Again?

We’ve seen the average apartment size shrink over the past decade. However, is it going to keep getting smaller? Or will the pandemic create a need for larger rental spaces? 

Ultimately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the more minor apartment size trend may reverse. After all, tons of people have shifted from in-person work to a permanent work-from-home schedule. So, does this mean people will need more space and the demand for larger apartment units will increase? I guess we’ll have to see. 

But next, let’s go over how tenants’ needs have changed over the years, simultaneously changing the demand for smaller apartments. 

How Have Tenant’s Needs Changed?

According to RentCafe.com, the average apartment space per person is around 540 square feet, based on the average apartment size and the average number of renters in a household. That said, as the apartment size has steadily decreased over the last decade, so has the amount of living space per renter. 

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the way many people live. For instance, with more people spending most of their time at home, they need more privacy and space. As a result, the demand for one-bedroom rentals and studio apartments is higher than ever. 

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However, one of the largest problems is finding ample space for a reasonable price. We’re experiencing a pretty inflated market at the moment and a lack of supply for the level of demand. As such, renters often have a hard time finding an excellent-sized rental for a decent price. 

So, if you’re wondering which US cities have the best rates, let’s go over the average apartment size by city and determine the rates. 

Average Apartment Sizes by City: What Can You Expect to Pay?

To find the best average apartment size by city, we researched which cities have the most apartment space per person and the prices of those rentals. Here’s what we’ve found for cities with the best price per square footage.

1. Overland Park, KS

The average apartment size in Overland Park is around 972 square feet, and the average rental price for a one-bedroom rental is $1,263.

2. Baltimore, MD

In Baltimore, the average apartment size is around 825 square feet. The average rental price for this sized apartment in Baltimore City is around $1,536


3. Independence, MO

Renters in Independence, MO, can find an 814-square-foot apartment for around $1,012 per month. 

4. Louisville, KY

Another great city for renters that want a lot of space for a lower rate is Lousiville. Here, the average apartment size is around 935 square feet, and on average, renters pay $1,158 per month. 

5. Jackson, MS

If you want to live affordably, you can get (on average) a 933-square-foot apartment for around $928 per month in Jackson, MS.

6. Birmingham, AL

The average apartment size in Birmingham is around 973 square feet, where you’d pay an average of $1,278 per month

7. Dayton, OH

Another incredibly affordable city to live in is Dayton, OH. Here, you’d pay around $947 per month for an 856-square-foot apartment. 

8. Pearland, TX

In Pearland, you’ll find that the average apartment size is around 988 square feet, where you’d pay an average of $1,587 for rent each month. 

How to Find the Best Deals on Apartments

It can be challenging to find a good deal on a decent-sized apartment. Renters must shop smart and do some research before deciding on a place to live. That said, here are a few ways to increase your chances of finding the best rental deal possible. 

  • Start Your Search Early
  • Tour Each Apartment
  • Compare Rates

Start Your Search Early

Waiting until you absolutely have to move is not a great time to start looking for rentals. Instead, if you start your search ahead of time, you can evaluate your options and choose the best apartment for your budget.

It’s best to start looking for new housing around 90 days before you have to move. This gives you enough time to find a few possible solutions. Then, you can weigh the pros and cons of each property and ultimately decide where to live. 

apartment-tourTour Each Apartment

It’s crucial to tour each possibility before choosing a place to live. After all, you want to ensure you’re getting everything you expect from a rental property listing. If you just go with the first property you tour, you could miss out on other great rental properties. 

On the other hand, if you decide not to tour at all, you could run into some trouble. Although some rental listing descriptions can be enticing, you don’t want to sign a lease at a property that you haven’t seen yet. If you need help finding information about rental properties and want to schedule a tour, contact your local property management company in Baltimore.

Compare Rates

Before choosing an apartment, you’ll want to compare the rates of rentals in your area. After all, you don’t want to overpay for a small, outdated apartment when you could get a better deal on an upgraded, more modern apartment. 

As such, when you’re looking at potential places to live, it’s crucial to compare the rental rates and square footage to ensure you’re getting the best deal. 

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