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25 Decorating Ideas for Your Delaware County Apartment

Moving into a new apartment in Delaware County and need decorating ideas? We can help with that! Check out these 25 decorating ideas for your new apartment. We have ideas for all budgets and tastes! And the best part is, they’re all temporary to avoid charges upon move out.

25 Perfect Decor Tips for Your Rental Space

  1. Paint: Put some paint on the walls! Generally, it’s okay with most management companies and landlords, so long as you paint it back to the original color before moving out. Try painting everything a shade of white as it’s known to make a small apartment feel brighter and more significant.
  2. Updated Light Fixtures: Replace lighting fixtures with fun and unique shapes, or hang fixtures to add interest to the design.
  3. Entry Refresh: Spruce up your entryway with a small console table and framed photos  Entry Refresh Idea
  4. DIY Coffee Bar: Build a DIY coffee bar from either extra counter space you have or other materials. Get creative and use hooks to hang cups and cute, affordable coffee bar signs!
  5. Bar Cart: Invest in a small bar cart and design around it so that any small, unused space in your home can become a bar!
  6. Décorative Storage: Get creative! Make unique looking shelves from different materials or turn space under a bed platform into storage. There are so many ways to store items in a small apartment without having it look cluttered. Decorative Storage Tip
  7. Area Rugs: Rugs are an excellent way to show some décor personality while covering up flooring or carpeting that you might not like. When renting an apartment, you can’t replace the flooring, but you sure can get creative with rugs!
  8. Reclaimed Wood: Reclaimed wood can be pricey, but if it’s within your budget, it’s an excellent material for building projects. Some project ideas include; a minibar, end tables, a coffee table, and shelves. The reclaimed look will give your space both a rustic and clean feel if done right.
  9. Go Industrial: In addition to reclaimed wood, many people are using wood and industrial pipes to create tables, shelves, bars, and more. They’re great for those that like an industrial style.
  10. DIY Key & Mail Holder: See this adorable pin for inspiration! Creating a simple key or mail holder for your home can add functional décor. DIY Key & Mail Holder
  11. Rolling Island: Have a small kitchen or even a big kitchen with no island? Invest in a rolling island. Not only do they look great, but they add storage and a place to sit in the kitchen if there’s no room for a dining table.
  12. Wooden Crates: Just like reclaimed wood, wood crates are useful for many things like storage, a bed platform, a wall unit, and so much more.
  13. Wall Art: Don’t just paint the walls — decorate them! Art prints are a budget-friendly way and make your space feel more home-like. Photo walls are another great way to decorate, but make it personable.
  14. Color Pops: Even if you painted the walls white, add some pops of color! Whether using pillows and blankets, art, or furniture, color can transform a space quickly.
  15. Plants: Let’s face it; not all of us have a green thumb. However, plants can transform a corner of a home (or more). Some low-maintenance plants include succulents, aloe, cactus, and lavender. If that’s too time-consuming, invest in some lovely faux plants to give some life to the apartment.
  16. Mirrors: Mirrors come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Consider decorative mirrors in the living room, kitchen, back of the bedroom door, or other empty spaces. They can be used in place of art and be both functional and visually appealing. Mirrors also make a small space look larger!
  17. Easy Home Office: Whether you have an extra room or just an unused small area, make the most of it by creating an office. Small, narrow desks with shelves above them can be great for a bedroom or living room corner. If you have the space for a larger office, you can be even more creative! See these two pins for inspiration. Create and Easy Home Office
  18. Create a Game or Movie Room: Not the home office type? Turn extra rooms or space into a game space with things like LED lights, game consoles, and a chalkboard tabletop for playing cards and score-keeping! Or, turn it into a movie room with a minibar, mini-fridge, popcorn maker, and recliner chairs. The options on Pinterest are endless for game rooms and small home movie theatres.
  19. Mix and Match Décor: You don’t have to pick one décor style! Mixing and matching can be fun and artsy. Find a variety of styles that you like and that mesh well together.
  20. Online Retailers: Both Amazon and Etsy are great for budgeted home décor. From lamps to artwork, bathroom décor to home garden supplies, these sites have everything you could need for apartment decorating.
  21. Decorate the Door: Hang a door sign, lay an entryway rug, and hang decorations for holidays on the exterior of your door for neighbors to see. Just check with your landlord that this is allowed as all apartments have different policies.
  22. Use Photos: Create personalized Shutterfly books, printed canvases, and so many other items. Put your loved ones on display and make that photo wall we discussed above!
  23. Add a Ladder: Use ladders as bookshelves, storage, clothes or towel racks, or plant hangers.
  24. Temporary Wallpaper: Not good with painting or want something with a little more texture? Temporary wallpaper is affordable and comes in all sorts of designs for different feels.
  25. Window Seats: Finally, use your windows space! Put candles, photo frames, and more on the sills if they allow. Make larger window sills into additional seating space! Also, you can replace blinds or curtains to add some flare to your unit Create a Window Seat

If you need more inspiration for your apartment rental, check out a decorator’s blog or Pinterest for more great ideas? And, don’t forget to check with your Delaware County property manager before making any significant changes!