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A Breath of Fresh Air

best places to live in Pennsylvania for familiesSome people prefer the hustle and bustle of the city. For them, the exciting buzz and continuous activity are inspiring and feel like home. For others, however, there is a distinct longing for fresh air, open spaces, and plenty of nature to enjoy. These open-space loving people can include everyone from retirees looking to slow down their daily pace to young families searching for space for the children to run, and everyone in between. No matter what your reason is for choosing the great outdoors, you are likely to find what you’re hoping for living in Chester County, PA.

Preserving a Way of Life

Chester County has a rich farming history dating back to the county’s founding. It has long been considered one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania because of the lifestyle surrounding the area’s farmers. Children can be seen walking from school, cars passing by can be counted on one hand, and you are more likely to hear the sounds of livestock and chirping birds rather than the continuous racket of the city.

Unlike other areas of the state, Chester County has gone to great lengths to both preserve this lifestyle and make room for yearning souls fleeing from the city with their open space initiative. Similar to how some areas of the country preserve areas to be left to the wild, Chester County is preserving areas that are dedicated to open-space agriculture and the lifestyles that support it. The current roster of preserved farmland includes more than 500 family farms­ – nearly 30 percent of the entire county – and there are plans to keep that number growing.

Striking a Balance

While the work to preserve open space may seem like it is not conducive to developers and families hoping to relocate to the area, the opposite is true. Although the open-space initiative seeks to preserve land from developers, one of the driving forces behind the program is to keep enough space agricultural so that it won’t spoil the landscape for all the new arrivals. In other words, the county is acknowledging the need for people to live in an area that is safe, uncongested, and full of fresh air. By designating preserved areas as off-limits, the remaining areas can be open for developers to come in and make room for the new arrivals without the fear of ruining what’s brought them. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities for owning farmland in PA in case anyone was looking for a career change.

A Thriving Community

Some people may envision rural areas as behind-the-times, but that is hardly the case here. For starters, Chester County school districts continually rank highly among students, parents, and teachers. The Downington STEM Academy is a particular draw for parents looking for advanced opportunities for their children, and both Henderson High School in West Chester and Unionville High School in Kennett Square continue to score far above average in key measures of college and career readiness. In other words, these are nationally competitive schools well-equipped to prepare the next generation for their future challenges, without the crowds of the city.

Low unemployment rates are also contributing to Chester County housing some of the best small towns to live in Pennsylvania. Some sectors are even facing a shortage of labor, which is also driving demand for more housing and more people to move to the area. This is great news for developers and landlords as their properties are likely to leave the market quickly with competitive pricing across the board. For towns such as West Chester, with almost 70 percent of the homes occupied by tenants rather than owners, this means there is considerable demand for rental units, which will keep vacancies low and rents competitive. Plus, for those hoping to move to the area, many may be able to find local work rather than commuting to the city.

Room for Everyone

The unique combination of rural heritage and sustainable growth of Chester County homes all make breathing clean air in PA easier than ever. For those who are committed to continuing with the agricultural tradition, they are reassured that their way of life will be preserved and that their farmlands will not be squeezed out in favor of strip malls and condominiums. For builders and landlords, they can continue growing their businesses, and more homes can be provided for people who want to live in the country while still accommodating those that prefer working in the local area or commuting to the city. When all sides of the story are represented, and a path made to bring everyone happiness and success, a healthy balance of country living and suburban efficiency can be achieved.

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