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8 Property Amenities That Will Draw Top Quality Renters in Baltimore County

Having a hard time finding top quality tenants to live in your property?

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Whether your property is located in Towson, Catonsville, Dundalk, or another city around Baltimore County, you might be dealing with this issue due to a lack of attractive amenities.

Let’s face it – the best renters don’t want to live in just any property. They want a property that feels like home and has appealing features that make every day enjoyable.

If you’re trying to attract top quality renters, think about adding these amenities to your property:

1. Modern Kitchen Appliances

modern-kitchen-in-baltimore-county-rental-propertyOutdated kitchen appliances can send your prospective tenants looking elsewhere for a more modern place to live. Upgrade to stainless steel kitchen appliances for an up-to-date look that will attract top-quality renters.

If stainless steel appliances are out of your budget, you can purchase faux steel appliances instead. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure all of your appliances match. After all, your best prospective tenants won’t want to live in a property that has a black microwave, an almond-colored dishwasher, and a white refrigerator.

2. Curb Appeal

Curb appeal gives the renters who view your property a great first impression, which is critical when you’re trying to get them to live there. Here are a few ideas to help you kick your property’s exterior appeal up a notch:

  • Mow the lawn – Consistently mowing the lawn correctly will help ensure that your property always looks well-maintained.
  • Frame the front door with plants – Placing a large potted plant on either side of the front door will make the entry look more welcoming.
  • Update the front door – Consider replacing an outdated door with a new one or painting the existing door and updating the doorknob.
  • Update entry fixtures – Replace your exterior light fixtures if they look outdated to give your property a more modern look.
  • Cut back any overgrown plants – Overgrown shrubs make a property look messy, so be sure to keep them neatly trimmed.
  • Add flowers ­– Flowers can make your property look much more inviting – just make sure you remember to water them so they don’t die!

If you can’t make the time to take care of the property’s landscaping needs, consider hiring professional landscapers to handle it for you. Whatever you do, don’t neglect the lawn/plants – the best renters don’t want to live in unkempt homes.

3. Updated Paint

paint-colors-for-baltimore-county-rental-propertiesPlain white walls tend to look cheap unless they are being used as an accent. Plus, they’re just plain boring! So, instead of leaving the walls white, pick a different color that complements the trim in your property. This is a fairly inexpensive change (a can of paint is usually around $25) that will make a huge aesthetic difference in your property.

Keep in mind that bright, unusual colors may scare off high-quality tenants, and try to stick with neutral colors like beige, tan, cream, or grey. Also, you’ll want to pick a satin or semi-gloss paint so that any scuff marks left by your tenants can be removed easily in the future.

4. Washer/Dryer

There’s no doubt that going to a laundromat is a huge inconvenience. You have to gather your laundry, stick it in your car, get quarters, drive to the laundromat, and then wait around for the washing/drying process to finish. It’s not something your tenants are going to want to do.

So, add a washer/dryer to your rental property if the space allows for it. If the other properties in your area of Baltimore County don’t offer it as an amenity, it’ll be a great way for you to distinguish your property as better than the rest!

5. Updated Light Fixtures

Any fixtures that are broken or look outdated will need to be replaced. If you can’t afford to buy brand new fixtures, consider painting the existing fixtures to give them an updated look. Don’t forget to put working bulbs in all of the light fixtures before you show the property and consult an electrician if you plan to make any changes that involve the electrical wiring!

6. Updated Bathroom

property managers in Baltimore County consider updated bathrooms key rental featuresThe top two areas tenants typically like to see updated in a property are the kitchen and the bathroom. While these updates can be a bit pricy, they tend to pay off in the long run by adding value to your property and attracting the best renters.

If you choose to update the bathroom, here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Update or replace the existing bathtub
  • Add molding to the cabinets
  • Update the bathroom mirror and/or the light fixtures above it
  • Repaint the walls/ceiling

Remember to hire a professional plumber if you plan to update anything that isn’t purely cosmetic. Otherwise, you may end up purchasing something that won’t work with the water system in your property.

7. Wood Flooring

Wood floors are typically easier to clean and maintain than carpeted floors. They also increase the interior appeal of your home and show that you care about the way your property looks.

While upgrading to wood flooring can be costly, it’s an amenity that will likely help you sell your property more quickly to better tenants down the road, so it’s worth considering.

As an alternative to wood flooring, many landlords are also now turning to vinyl flooring in their rental properties. Vinyl flooring can give the appearance of hardwood floors, but is easy to install and replace.

8. Cleanliness

deep clean baltimore county rental propertiesOkay – this isn’t exactly an amenity, but it’s still really important that you offer it. If your property is dirty or looks unkempt (on the inside or outside), a high-quality tenant will likely pass on it for a tidier space. Here are a few ideas for cleaning your property:

  • Polish/buff hardwood floors and steam clean all carpeted floors
  • Vacuum and mop
  • Dust your entire property
  • Get rid of any clutter
  • Eliminate any mold/mildew in the bathroom

You’ll also want to make sure your home is properly staged before you show it to potential renters. Do this by adding toilet paper rolls and new accessories (toothbrush holder, trash can, etc.) in the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen (put up any dishes and wipe down the counters), and making sure the comforter in the bedroom is clean.

Remember, offering high-quality amenities sometimes means you can charge more for rent too, so make sure you’re correctly pricing your Baltimore County property after you make any upgrades.

If you’re unsure of what amenities you should add or what upgrades you should consider, reach out to our professional property management team – we’d love to help make your job as a landlord easier and help you succeed at finding the best tenants.