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Monthly Archives: April 2022

Baltimore Pledges $100 Million to Housing Initiatives


Are you a frustrated tenant or landlord wondering what government officials can do to help the ongoing housing crisis? Luckily, some officials are stepping up and making changes. Recently, Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott has announced that he’s directing $100 million towards neighborhood revitalization, tenant protections, and affordable housing in Baltimore. However, where is this […]

How to Change an HVAC Filter in Your Rental Property

How to Change an HVAC Filter in Your Rental Property

Nothing brings Summer fun to a halt faster than a broken-down HVAC system. For tenants, this is an uncomfortable hassle, but for landlords, it is a potentially costly repair. Industry experts agree that the best way to prevent an unfortunate HVAC breakdown is through proper maintenance and care. However, some of that responsibility falls on […]

How to Remove and Prevent Squatters in Your Rental Property


Every landlord aims to secure quality tenants to occupy their rental properties. However, that’s not always the case. In fact, there are a few scenarios that can put a huge roadblock in finding new tenants. One of the worst-case scenarios is discovering squatters in a rental home.  A squatter could be a tenant who refused […]

Tips for Landlords: Multi-Family Property Maintenance


While maintenance is not an ideal task for landlords and tenants, it’s necessary for all multi-family properties. That said, property maintenance doesn’t just mean cleaning the property every once in a while, there’s more to it than that. Multi-family property maintenance includes ensuring each rental unit is safe and in working order. Let’s go over […]

The Importance of Thorough Tenant Screening Process


For landlords, keeping good tenants in your rental properties is the ultimate goal. However, it’s hard to know whether your tenant will be good or bad without a tenant screening process. Tenant screening can help you distinguish the quality tenants from the terrible tenants. However, many landlords aren’t sure what questions to ask or how […]

Everything You Need to Know About Rental Property Lease Renewals


When a lease is about to end, landlords have a decision to make–find a new tenant or renew the lease agreement. Depending on the situation, the answer may be apparent. After all, finding new tenants can sometimes be difficult, and no landlord wants to deal with vacancies. However, if your current tenant isn’t the best […]

How to Report Bad Landlords and Deal with Poor Property Management

How to Report Bad Landlords and Deal with Poor Property Management

When you are renting an apartment, so many things can contribute to a bad overall experience. A big one is poor or mismanagement. This can be in the form of landlord negligence or a bad property management company, but both add stress to the rental relationship. Below we will take a look at tips for […]

Social Media Marketing for Rental Properties


The goal of any rental property is to keep it occupied by high-quality tenants. One way to ensure you have no vacancies in your rentals is by marketing them correctly. When you use social media marketing to spread the word about your rental, more people will see it, and you’ll find leads much quicker. Let’s […]

Affordable Housing Crisis: Can Tenants Keep up with Rental Rates?


People looking for new places to live right now know just how poor the housing market is. Rent is high, home prices are high, and the supply of homes and rental properties is relatively low. This leaves many renters wondering–will rental rates go down soon? The affordable housing crisis is affecting many people across the […]