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Monthly Archives: January 2021

How COVID-19 Has Affected The Real Estate & Rental Market

COVID and real estate

It’s now been over 9 months since the coronavirus initially began to spread throughout the United States, and although many Americans have been able to avoid getting sick themselves, every single person has been affected by COVID-19 in one way or another. One of the largest side effects being the drastic changes to our economy […]

Which Rental Property Management Software is Best for You?

Which Rental Property Management Software is Best for You?

In today’s busy world, landlords can benefit from technology and specialized software. So, this is a great way to streamline processes, offer added conveniences, and free up valuable time. Therefore, whether your investment portfolio is commercial, residential, large, or small, there is a rental property management software for you! However, with more choices on the […]

Cost-Effective Property Improvements that Increase Rental Value

Cost-Effective Property Improvements that Increase Rental Value

Budgets and ways to cut expenses are on the minds of landlords now more than ever. Everyday upkeep alone can chip away at profits. As rent increase freezes are set to stick around for the foreseeable future, spending capital on large scale renovations may not be possible. That said, there are times when a modest […]

Top Home Improvement Ideas and Rental Property Upgrades for 2021

Top Home Improvement Ideas and Rental Property Upgrades for 2021

The new year ushers in a wealth of fresh opportunities and design trends to make your investment property shine. The COVID-19 pandemic means renters are spending more time at home than ever. So, what better reason to take inventory of your current style choices and make some strategic rental property upgrades. We have compiled 2021’s […]

The Pros and Cons of Collecting Last Month’s Rent

Choosing the perfect tenant for your rental property is just one of the many decisions landlords must make before the move in. Most property owners are familiar with charging new tenants the first month’s rent and a security deposit. However, the question remains – should you collect last month’s rent as well? This is something […]

What is Wrongful Eviction? – A Landlord’s Guide to Avoiding Illegal Eviction

What is Wrongful Eviction? - A Landlord's Guide to Avoiding Illegal Eviction

When a tenant stops paying rent, fails to vacate, or breaches the lease provisions, all a landlord wants is to get them out as quickly as possible. However, trying to do so can prove to be a long and tedious process. Due to the cost and time involved in removing a non-compliant tenant, landlords may […]

Complete Rental Property Maintenance Checklist for Landlords

The Complete Rental Property Maintenance Checklist for Landlords

Seasonal preventative maintenance is one of the most important tasks for landlords and property managers. Not only is it essential for the preservation of your investment, but it goes a long way to fostering tenant satisfaction. When you do not spend every day in a property, it is easy for things to fall by the […]

Real Estate Investment Forecast 2021 – Is It Time to Take Risks?

Real Estate Investment Forecast for 2021 - Is Now the Time to Take Risks?

A new year brings a new outlook and opportunities for real estate investment. The COVID pandemic, along with the economic and political impact of 2020, will soon be behind us. However, many landlords and investors wonder how these events will carry over to 2021 and beyond. So, is now the best time to invest, or […]

Landlord-Tenant Responsibilities: Who is Responsible for Snow Removal?

Landlord-Tenant Responsibilities for Snow Removal - Who Does What?

If you own a rental property, waiting for the first flakes to fall is not the time to plan for snow removal. Instead, a careful definition of landlord-tenant responsibilities will save a ton of headaches once severe weather does roll in. Many tenants and landlords question who is responsible for snow or ice removal. So, […]

Why Landlords Need a Rental Property Maintenance Checklist

Why Professional Cleaning is Vital to the Rental Turnover Process

Property turnover is inevitable in the rental industry. When it happens, landlords become overwhelmed by a myriad of repair and cleaning tasks. All of which are important steps to making the home ready for a new tenant to move in. However, one of the traits of successful landlords is planning ahead for the eventual vacancy. […]